PLACE is at the heart of everything John Massengale designs. From cities and streets to buildings and rooms, he emphasizes making places where people want to be.

Massengale & Co LLC is his office for urban design, street design, town planning, and planning consultation.* As John Montague Massengale AIA, he is a registered and licensed architect in the State of New York, specializing in green building and Classical and traditional architecture at Massengale Architecture PLLC.*

Recently, he has begun collaborating with neuroscientists, designers, and technicians in the Place Science group that met in Sweden in September 2017.

  Massengale Architecture PLLC

  Massengale & Co LLC

  Place Science

NEW: Massengale Architecture PLLC & John Massengale AIA selected with Robert Sharp Architect by Walton Family Foundation for first NWADE program

*Keywords: New Urbanism, Smart Growth, Complete Streets, Slow Streets, Vision Zero, Sustainable Cities, Walkable, Green, Resilient, Artisanal, Natural, Local.