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An aerial view of the Bronx and Yankee Stadium, taken shortly after the construction of the Major Deegan Expressway. In Manhattan on the other side of the Harlem River are the Polo Grounds, then the home of the New York Giants.
     In the fall of 1998, John Massengale taught a design studio at the University of Miami School of Architecture that looked at the question of the future of Yankee Stadium as an urban question, rather than as a parking problem. The boss of the Yankees, George Steinbrenner, complains about parking and a perception of crime, and says he might move his team if the city doesn't build a new stadium for them. The Mayor of the city, the Honorable Rudolph Giuliani, proposes building a new stadium over a railyard on the west side of Manhattan, at a cost of $1,000,000,000.00.

     The Bronx Borough President, the Honorable Fernando Ferrer, wants to keep the Yankees in the Bronx by building what he calls Yankee Village. In the coming weeks, we will put on the web many of the drawings produced by the architecture studio at the University of Miami. Their designs extended the fabric of the city from its current end at the elevated subway line (bottom right in the 1960's photo above), to the shores of the Harlem River, where there will be new railroad and ferry stops. Using the traditional urban method of mapping streets to control future development, the students made plans to inexpensively connect the river with the heart of the Bronx, a few short blocks away, where the Bronx County Building sits on the Grand Concourse.

     While the site is under construction, please see two stories about the studio's work in the New York Daily News -"Students Hit Home Run With House That Blueprints Built" & "A New Game Plan For The Bronx." The second story was a sidebar in an interesting article by Luke Cyphers about urban stadiums.
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